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Application Form

Tor Lodge and Applecross Trust

The application form can be downloadedwith the link below or it will be sent out to you by post  or email if you send in the request below. Once you have filled it in then sent back by email to applications@torlodge.org.uk or in the post to the main address, on the home page.
Any questions about the application or advice on filling the form in should be sent to clerk@torlodge.org.uk



Brief Guidance notes.
  1. Under the scheme approved by the Charity Commissioners; the Trustees of Tor Lodge and Applecross Trust are empowered to make grants to assist with the cost of training, education or continuing professional development of individuals involved with the cast metals or related industries.
  2. The applicant may be following a full or part time course of study, involving a formal programme of training or education, or taking part in a learning programme approved by the Trustees.
  3. A Tor Lodge Grant may be awarded for the “sole” purpose of contributing to the costs and expenses of, a training or learning programme or in the enhancing of knowledge and experience. 
  4. A grant may be awarded to an applicant who is residing away, at home or with a relative providing the Trustees are satisfied that the individual needs financial assistance to undertake the proposed course of study. 
  5. An Application must be completed by or on behalf of, and signed by, an individual named person. 
  6. Applications must be received on the appropriate form supplied by the Clerk of the Trust. 
  7. Grants may be made to one or more of a group of applicants to undertake a course but each applicant must complete a separate application form. 
  8. Details of the course of training, education or learning programme proposed to be undertaken must be clearly stated and adequately described on the application form. 
  9. Tor Lodge Trustees will normally give preferential consideration to applications from younger persons who are involved with, or intend to enter, the cast metals industry. 
  10. All applicants should have been resident in the United Kingdom for at least 3 years. 
  11. Consideration will be given to applications for grants to assist with the costs incurred by students or trainees attending approved courses, conferences and or exhibitions or other forms of study, or works visits, providing they form part of their course of education or training or learning and are deemed by the Trustees to benefit the individuals, their employment or the cast metals industry. 
  12. Any grant awarded, and its amount, will be at the sole discretion of the Trustees, who will act in accordance with the terms of the Trust taking into consideration all details given on the application form. The decision of the Trustees will be final and not subject to discussion with the applicant or any person acting on their behalf.
  13. These guidance notes will be reviewed by the trustees from time to time.


The Trust provides grants for students studying foundry and related courses and to enhance their knowledge and experience
Registered Charity Number 529009